A Burning Desire

Burning-DesireHow bad do you want it?

How much do you need it?

Can you imagine living your life without it?

What is it? It doesn’t really matter what IT is if IT is not big enough to keep you interested.

What I’m talking about is finding Your TRUE Desire!

Finding your burning desire is imperative in life. More often than not, people confuse desire with simply wanting something. There are wants, and then there are desires.

Wants are things you would like to have, or would like to do, or would like to obtain. You can want something earnestly, even to the point of believing you have to have it, but wants don’t keep you moving when times get tough. Wants don’t make you feel fulfillment.

Many times, a want can’t keep your attention long enough to actually obtain it, and if you do obtain a want, generally, you will be bored with it and ready to focus on something else as soon as you have it.

Think about it — how many times in your life have you felt like you needed something so bad you just had to have it? Then when you actually got it, you enjoyed it (maybe even greatly) for a short time only to find there is something else you need more.

There will always be a bigger television or better computer; there is always more money to be made; there is always another business to build or another trip to take.

There will be no short supply of wants in your life, but desire is a different story.
When you desire something you have to have it. Sometimes it even defines who you are.

If it is not life altering, then your want is just not big enough to be a desire. This is why finding your burning desire is so important.

Your desire is a source of Inspiration.

Inspiration is what keeps you moving. Being inspired to accomplish a goal or create something new or simply to do more is important because that fuel is what will drive you to finish strong.

Too often, people rely on motivation. Motivation is a good thing and at times necessary, but inspiration is much stronger.

Think about it this way, motivation is an external push and inspiration is an internal pull. Motivation is like pushing a car down a hill. Eventually the car will lose momentum and glide to a stop. Inspiration is like starting the car’s engine and driving it down the hill. Where motivation ran out, inspiration will allow you to turn the car around drive back up the hill and do it again, if you’d like.

Your Desire is Fulfilling.

We all strive for fulfillment. You want to feel like what you are doing matters. Unlike wants that when obtained leave you wanting more, seeking after what you desire leaves you filling complete.

When what you truly desire is obtained, you get a sense of satisfaction that no amount of wants could ever bring.

Your Desire will reveal your Purpose.

Listen to your heart. Your head will be filled with all kinds of wants, but your heart will show you what you genuinely desire.

It’s easy to change your mind. What you see on tv, what you hear on the radio and every other social influence can fill your mind with all sorts of things you want, and it’s easy for your mind to get clouded by all the wants that rattle around in there.

Relying on the burning desire of your heart will make it easier to weed through all the mundane wants and allow you focus on what’s most important, your purpose!

So again, just like in the beginning of this article, I ask you…

How bad do you want it?

How much do you need it?

Can you imagine your life without it?

Are you working toward what you want or what you desire? Find your desire and you will find an Inspiration that will allow you to Fulfill your Purpose and allow you to LIVE LIFE!

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