About the Founders


About the Founders of LIVE LIFE Revolution

Jim & Chris Howard
Established November 12, 1988

It’s NEVER about how you start. It’s ALWAYS about how you finish.
-Jim Howard

One of our personal creeds is that statistics are meant to be broken. We are proof of that. Here’s just a small list of hurdles we’ve had to jump during the last 25 years:

We were teenagers when we got married.
We were pregnant on that wedding day.
We have worked side by side for all but one year since we met.
We’ve battled financial issues.
We’ve battled disease.
We’ve battled loss.
We’ve battled temptation.
We’ve battled expectation issues.
We’ve battled demons from the past.
We’ve wrestled with people’s well-intentioned, but bad advice.
We’ve experienced total communication breakdown.
We’ve enjoyed business success.
We’ve gone through business failure.
We’ve conquered failure, rekindled and enjoyed business success again.

Honestly, it is a miracle we are still together, and this small autobiography can’t do justice to the 26 years of blood, sweat and tears we have put into this partnership. Still, for you to understand the importance of LIVE LIFE Revolution, we feel you need to know a little about us.

The biggest thing that has held us together was the vow we made, not to each other, but before God and our families that we were going to see this thing through. We are both fiercely loyal and take our commitments very seriously.

Does that mean we haven’t had our doubts? NO WAY!

Can I say that neither of us has ever thought about leaving? NO WAY! BUT, had either one of us chosen to quit when the going got tough, we truly would have missed out on the very best years of our lives.

Over the years, people have told us they don’t understand what’s different about us, whether it’s seeing us as a couple, as workmates, as friends or as individuals. So, it’s from all of our life experiences together that LIVE LIFE Revolution was born.

How you live your life is a choice — it’s YOUR choice. We have chosen to take the one life we have (and our two lives truly are one) and authentically LIVE LIFE By Choice!

We have three beautiful children — Our firstborn, Jimmy and his wife, Jessica. And Lauren, the teenager who keeps us on our toes! And, while it may seem unbelievable, we are now grandparents to our sweet grandson, LJ. We truly have a shared lifetime of experiences. Our adventure continues….

Join us for the Revolution and LIVE LIFE By Choice!