Win The Day!

Hiker stands in the Khumbu Icefield at the basecamp of Mt Everest, Nepal.How do you climb Mount Everst? One step at a time.

How do you navigate dangerous paths? One obstacle at a time.

How do you win the game of LIFE? One day at a time.

Too many times it seems people want to succeed all at once.

They tend to forget success is not something that just happens — it’s something that is achieved.

No championship team wins its title during the first game, no business owner retires wealthy on the day he opens his business, and no one lives an entire life in one day. It’s a process, and it has to be dealt with as such.

I Choose Thankfulness

Smiley Face Person Holding Thank You SignLife does not always go as planned. My life could be the mantra of that sentence for so many reasons, but I sure am thankful for the one I have!

This is a really hard article for me to write because I don’t like talking about myself, but in order for you to learn more about Jim and I and our passion for LIVE LIFE Revolution, I think it’s a necessary piece of the puzzle as we move forward.

We all have our issues and things we are dealing with at any given moment. In my lifetime, I’ve dealt with everything from a marriage with a rough start to disease to well intentioned but bad advice.

Facing Your Problems

Breaking Through Barricade Roadblock to FreedomIt would be incredible if we lived in a perfect world — one where problems didn’t exist, where nothing ever got in the way of our success.

Unfortunately, we live in a not-so-perfect world, and problems do exist.

The question is not so much if a problem will arise; it’s more like when will one rear it’s ugly head and how big of a problem will it be.

If you are alive, you will run into problems. They often come in the form of stumbling blocks, obstacles or barricades.

Is It Really Worth It?

Josh-ArmbandEver wonder if what you’re doing is worth the effort?

Many times in life we get to a point where it just doesn’t seem like what we do matters.

Maybe you’re not moving forward as fast as you’d like or maybe you’re not seeing the impact or result that you had hoped to see.

It can be difficult to continue to move when you’re just not convinced that you’re headed in the right direction.

As we came to the end of 2012 Chris and I took a good long hard look at what we are doing with LIVE LIFE Revolution, and we asked ourselves if what we were doing was truly going to make an impact.

Don’t Be A Victim of Fraud!

FraudHave You ever Felt Like a Fraud — like you’re not qualified to do what you do?

If you’ve ever felt this way, believe me there’s nothing wrong with you. In fact it’s 100% normal. Some of the most successful people in the world deal with this over and over.

I believe we all have moments likes this, where we doubt our abilities or doubt that we are worthy of greatness.

I still at times allow myself to wonder what right I have to go on stage and talk to rooms full of people. What right do I have to coach others? What right do I have to think I am at the level where other people should listen to what I have to say?

WHY? Why do we feel this way? What causes us to doubt ourselves? I believe it’s because we see ourselves through our own history.

It All Starts With A Closet!

As Jim and I have discussed and planned what’s going to happen over the next year personally and in our business with our year of incredibleness, one of the things that has come up over and over is organization.

When you’re organized, you don’t spend hours looking for something or stressing over where it is, when it was last used or who you might have lent it to so this is a big part of us being able to LIVE LIFE to it’s fullest in 2013.

Of extreme importance when organizing is not being a packrat which Jim admittedly is. Consequently ,this is something I have been in charge of in our household over the last few weeks.

Getting organized can be overwhelming to think about — the key for me is looking at each room as a goal rather than the house as a whole. We decided if it hasn’t been used in the past year, it’s probably not something we have to have. (There are a few exceptions, of course!) It’s time to purge those un-needed items!

A New Year – A New You

It’s that time of year again, the time when we all reflect on the year past and set a new direction for the year to come.

The week after Christmas is always an eye-opening experience for me. It’s a time where I sit back, relax, recharge and enjoy time with my family. It’s also a time for me to look back at the last year and scrutinize the events that have transpired over the past 12 months and set a new course for the next 12.

Now, before we go to far into this conversation, let me start by saying that I DO NOT make New Year’s Resolutions!

The tradition of making resolutions has morphed into years of piled up broken promises.

The word resolution means, “firm determination,” but due to tradition it now means, “make a list of things that you think would be nice to do.”

Instead I choose to set a course for the year to come.

Standing Still?

I recently asked someone which direction their business was headed, to which they replied, “Right now, we’re standing still.”

Here’s the deal — standing still is NOT A DIRECTION!

What he was actually saying is they were in a state of contentment, meaning that they were not moving forward or backward; they were simply operating with a “business as usual” game plan.

The state of contentment is a dangerous place to be. You don’t want to be content; you want to be successful. You want to move past contentment and go straight to ecstatic.

Always remember there are only two directions to go — forward and backward.

Welcome to the land of “TIONS”

There a lot of words that end in “tion.” Some of these words are positive an some negative, but out of all of them my favorite, by far, is Inspiration.

Inspiration is such a powerful force that it alone can drive you to do more than you ever imagined. Many of the most successful people in the world will tell you the catalyst of their success was something significant that happened in their lives that inspired them to take action.

Inspiration is always positive, even if it comes out of what seems to be a tragic situation. How many times have you heard someone’s story that seemed devastating, but yet somewhere in that story, you found inspiration to do something incredible.