What is LIVE LIFE Revolution?

LIVE LIFE Revolution is a movement designed to help bring like-minded people together who want to succeed in every area of their life. You have to Live Life By Choice!

You have to first know what you DESIRE.

Not what you want, but what you desire. Desire is much more than just a want. It’s a burning feeling that you will never be satisfied until you realize your dream.

Whether you want to succeed in business, with your family or have an impact in your community, you have to know exactly what it is you desire to accomplish.

You have to have the BELIEF that you can achieve the life you desire. Faith can move mountains. That’s a fact, and if faith can move mountains, then that belief certainly can give you the strength and conviction to move forward despite any roadblocks and obstacles that get in your way.

Believe in yourself, in the people around you and in the fact that you are the one who deserves to do something incredible with your life—and know that only you can do it!

You must have DETERMINATION. Determination is the level of commitment you are willing to make in order to realize your dreams. We all say that we will do “whatever it takes,” but is that true? Will you do whatever it takes?

Determined people don’t stop when times get tough, and believe it — when you set out on your journey to success, times WILL get tough. You have to be determined to climb mountains, swim seas, overcome obstacles or make sacrifices in order to stay the course and realize your dreams. So, what are you willing to give to live the life you desire? Are you willing to go ALL IN?

The LIVE LIFE Revolution is based on 8 simple principles:

Leadership—Are you a leader? Are you willing to put yourself in a position where others are willing to follow you?

Integrity—Let your yes be your yes and your no be your no. Integrity is what separates the good guys from the bad guys. Having it will not only help you succeed, it will also help you sleep at night!

Vision—Know exactly what you want to accomplish; believe you can do it; and be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. More importantly, build a clear vision that shows the steps you must take in order to live the life you desire.

Excellence—Be willing to put forth your best effort in everything you do. You don’t have to be the best in the world, but you do have to be the best you that you can be!

Love—You have to love what you do. That doesn’t mean you’ll turn your passions into profits, but it does mean you need to be passionate about what you do. Love the challenge, love the effort and love the outcome.

Impact—How do you leave your mark on the world? If you don’t know how to answer that, then you’re not doing enough to make an impact. Make a concentrated and intentional effort to improve the world!

Faith—“Faith is the ability to take the first step, even when you can’t see the whole staircase!” Martin Luther King Jr. said that years ago, and it is still just as true today.

Experience—Experience the moment. Too many times during their journey through life, people get hung up on what happened in their past. The events and decisions of our past make us who we are today, but the decisions we make today determine who we will be tomorrow. We can’t change the past. We can’t know the future, but we can control what happens today.









That’s what the LIVE LIFE Revolution is all about—eight simple elements that allow you to LIVE LIFE in such a way that success is inevitable.

So join the Revolution and LIVE LIFE By Choice today!

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