Lead Among, Not Above!

Leadership is not the same as holding down a position. In fact, many people who hold positions are not leaders at all.

Leadership is the ability to set a new direction or vision for a group that they willingly follow. The key word in that sentence is willingly. If you have to force people to follow you, then you are not really a leader.

To be a great leader you have to be:

1. Humble — A humble leader is one who will listen to the people that follow him or her. They understand that many times the best solution comes from the group and not the individual. And because they listen to their followers, they will continue to grow as an effective leader.

2. Consistent — When you are consistent, people will be more willing to follow you. People like to know what to expect and even more than that, they love it when what they expect is delivered.

3. Goal Driven — You have to set goals for yourself, your team and your organization as a whole. Setting goals keeps you focused on the task at hand and gives you a measuring stick to track progress.

4. Others-Oriented — As a leader, realize that you will only be as successful as the people on the team around you. So focusing on making the people around you better will ensure that you and your team will succeed at whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Great leaders are not measured on just their own ability; they’re measured on how many leaders they build.

Work on becoming more humble, consistent, goal driven and others-oriented and lead properly so that you can have a successful business, happy family, stronger community and LIVE LIFE!