Welcome to the land of “TIONS”

There a lot of words that end in “tion.” Some of these words are positive an some negative, but out of all of them my favorite, by far, is Inspiration.

Inspiration is such a powerful force that it alone can drive you to do more than you ever imagined. Many of the most successful people in the world will tell you the catalyst of their success was something significant that happened in their lives that inspired them to take action.

Inspiration is always positive, even if it comes out of what seems to be a tragic situation. How many times have you heard someone’s story that seemed devastating, but yet somewhere in that story, you found inspiration to do something incredible.

Inspiration can lead to action, give you perseverance and even help you realize your purpose in life, but the most important thing it may do is take you to a place where magic happens.

When you truly find something that inspires you to a point that you absolutely have to do something because of it, you may find yourself suddenly swept away to the magical Land Of “TIONS.”

What happens in the Land Of “TIONS?”

The first thing that happens is …

Inspiration leads to MOTIVATION.

Many people think that inspiration and motivation are the same, but that’s not true; they are very different.

Motivation is an external force that gives you a temporary burst of energy and desire to make a move. Inspiration drives you from the inside out and delivers a constant flow of energy that keeps you moving forward.

So, in essence, inspiration gives you motivation.

Being inspired and motivated will give you the momentum you need to accomplish your goals.

Finding your purpose and knowing you are ready to take action is only the first step; step two is finding out what you need to change to pull it off.

Motivation leads to EXAMINTATION.

Once you find out what you want to do and are inspired and motivated to take action, you have to examine your life to see what will need to change.

Change is almost always necessary, so don’t freak out about it. It’s good to examine things and make sure your actions, beliefs, emotions, energy levels and determination are all aligned.

Look deep and find the areas that need adjusting and be ready to make the changes necessary. It’s impossible to do something new and extraordinary if you remain the old and ordinary.

Examination leads to REVELATION.

A revelation is a surprising and previously unknown fact. Examining your life will reveal the areas that need to be changed.

It can be scary to seek faults in your life, but be brave and go deep. The end result is worth it.

Most of the time what’s revealed needs to be shown to you and while the fix may be tough, it will make you that much better in the long run. You can’t hide from your flaws, especially if they get in the way of your success.

Revelation leads to INNOVATION.

Innovation by definition is the introduction of something new. It’s not just making things new for the sake of being different, it’s more about doing things different to meet a need or solve an issue.

We live in the most innovative time in history. We are surrounded by new gizmos and gadgets and there is always a new “latest and greatest” thing placed in front of us guaranteeing to make our lives easier. But innovation is not limited to the development of technology.

Innovation is also about finding new ways to live your life. Examining your life will reveal what needs to change in order for you to move forward. Those revelations will show you areas where you will need to find new and innovative ways to live your life to the fullest.

Innovation leads to REALIZATION.

There is no better feeling in the world than the one you get when you reach your goal, fulfill your promise or realize your dream.

The effort it takes to succeed is massive, the energy spent can be overwhelming and the sacrifices you have to make may be extreme, but in the end when you realize that you have accomplished all you set out to do, the reward will be worth it.

The most interesting thing is that reaching the point where you realize you have succeeded in making your inspiration and reality will inspire you to start the process all over again.

Once the success bug bites, it will be extremely difficult for you to ever stop moving forward.

You want to succeed? If so, jump on the path that leads to the Land Of “TIONS.”

Find your INSPIRATION that will offer you the MOTIVATION to start the EXAMINATION, which will bring forth REVELATIONS that lead to the INNOVATION that delivers the REALIZATION of all your dreams and LIVE LIFE!