What Is A Mother?

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I say that the greatest invention of all is a Mother.

Moms are a perfect combination of comforter, disciplinarian, provider, teacher, protector and nurturer. They have the unique ability to play all these parts at the same time.

Mothers are best friends. They listen if you let them. You can tell your mom anything, and she will always have words of wisdom to share.

Moms are self-sacrificing, willing to put their desires aside to make you their top priority.

Mothers worry when necessary, and sometimes when not, but they worry out of love. They want to know where you are, when you’re going to be home and if you’re wearing clean underwear. (still trying to figure that one out)

Moms are taxi drivers, maids and meal providers. They take you where you need to go, clean up your messes and make sure you eat what’s on your plate.

Mothers are responsible. They take their jobs of raising their children seriously. They dedicate their lives to making the best you you can be.

There are many wonders and marvels in this world, but of all creation, Mothers are the greatest of them all.

I have been lucky to have three incredible mothers in my life.

I am thankful for my wife’s mother. She has always treated and loved me as a son. I have never thought of her as an “in-law.” She’s a woman who accepts me as who I am, was willing to allow me to wed her daughter, supports us in our relationship and still loves me in spite of myself. I love and respect her as a mother.

I am thankful for my wife. My wife is the greatest mother I know. I could not have asked for anyone better to mother my children. I look at my kids and am in awe of the people they are becoming. They display all the greatness that is my wife. God has blessed me for 23 years now. She is my best friend, my partner, my lover and the image that I want my kids to display as adults.

I am thankful for Mom. Words cannot express how much I miss my mom. The above description was my mother and that pales in comparison to the real thing. If there were ever a mold for what a mother should be, she was it. She loved my sisters and me with her whole being. Giving everything she had to raising us to stand on our own. She loved my wife as one of her daughters and always introduced her that way and as Grandmother, she was one of a kind. Mom, selfishly I miss you and wish you were still here with us, but I am so thankful for the legacy you have left behind.

God has proven to me that he knew us before we were ever in the womb. He displayed this by matching me with the three most perfect examples of what the word Mother truly means.

Be thankful for your Mom today. Treat her with the love and respect that she deserves. Let her know how much she means to you, and how much you love her.

Celebrate Mothers Day and LIVE LIFE!