Win The Day!

Hiker stands in the Khumbu Icefield at the basecamp of Mt Everest, Nepal.How do you climb Mount Everst? One step at a time.

How do you navigate dangerous paths? One obstacle at a time.

How do you win the game of LIFE? One day at a time.

Too many times it seems people want to succeed all at once.

They tend to forget success is not something that just happens — it’s something that is achieved.

No championship team wins its title during the first game, no business owner retires wealthy on the day he opens his business, and no one lives an entire life in one day. It’s a process, and it has to be dealt with as such.

When you try to do too much too fast you often get nowhere but frustrated. You feel that you have failed and you’ll never get to enjoy the outcome you desire. That’s where most people start to shut down. Do NOT get to that point!

Understand that life is full of days and each day is full of hours, minutes and seconds. You’re not going to win every second of every day. Actually, you’re not going to win every day, but that doesn’t mean you stop. You keep going. You keep trying. You keep working and believing you can win more than you lose.

One of the football teams I coached went to the championship game three years in a row. The first two years we lost the first two games of the season, battled back and won the championship.

In the third year, our team went undefeated, racking up 10 straight wins, none of which were even close. The championship game should have been a lock for us, but we lost when the opposing team made a great play at the end of the game to go ahead of us and seal their victory.

The point of me sharing that story is that past losses can’t keep you down and future victories may or may not happen, but the most important thing to worry about is today.

The first two seasons the losses didn’t hold us back, and in the third season we didn’t win on the most important day.

Keep your focus on today.

Wake up each morning and remind yourself that today is the most important day of all. At the end of each day, look back over what you did — the good, the bad and the ugly — and ask yourself did you do enough to win today?

So look at your Mount Everest, see the obstacles that are trying to hold you back, determine to win the game of LIFE one day at a time and LIVE LIFE!

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