Articles By Chris Howard

My Happy Place

Everyone has that one special place. Mine is at the beach.. Although I thought it did at one time, it really doesn’t matter what beach it is. For me, there is something about seeing the power of the ocean and the sheer expanse of water and sand and realizing that He controls it all.

Recently, I was able to take a few days in Nags Head, and took advantage of getting up at the crack of dawn, getting dressed and walking down the beach when almost no one was on it.

Early is not for everyone, but I cannot explain how it feels to walk towards the beach with just a sliver of light showing, and literally watching the dawn of a new day. It’s definitely my favorite place to gather my thoughts and do a reset on my brain.

The Blame Game

It’s so easy to play The Blame Game….

One day last week, my daughter, Lauren, had to be at school early so I was looking forward to getting back home and start my workday early — I had my day planned out to a T. I got her dropped off at school and started thinking through everything that would happen at each hour of the day. Then it happened —my cell phone started ringing half way home.

It was Lauren calling from school. In her rush to get ready early, she had forgotten something vital to her day. Oh, and she absolutely had to have it as quickly as possible. UGH!

I Choose Thankfulness

Smiley Face Person Holding Thank You SignLife does not always go as planned. My life could be the mantra of that sentence for so many reasons, but I sure am thankful for the one I have!

This is a really hard article for me to write because I don’t like talking about myself, but in order for you to learn more about Jim and I and our passion for LIVE LIFE Revolution, I think it’s a necessary piece of the puzzle as we move forward.

We all have our issues and things we are dealing with at any given moment. In my lifetime, I’ve dealt with everything from a marriage with a rough start to disease to well intentioned but bad advice.

It All Starts With A Closet!

As Jim and I have discussed and planned what’s going to happen over the next year personally and in our business with our year of incredibleness, one of the things that has come up over and over is organization.

When you’re organized, you don’t spend hours looking for something or stressing over where it is, when it was last used or who you might have lent it to so this is a big part of us being able to LIVE LIFE to it’s fullest in 2013.

Of extreme importance when organizing is not being a packrat which Jim admittedly is. Consequently ,this is something I have been in charge of in our household over the last few weeks.

Getting organized can be overwhelming to think about — the key for me is looking at each room as a goal rather than the house as a whole. We decided if it hasn’t been used in the past year, it’s probably not something we have to have. (There are a few exceptions, of course!) It’s time to purge those un-needed items!

Welcome to the land of “TIONS”

There a lot of words that end in “tion.” Some of these words are positive an some negative, but out of all of them my favorite, by far, is Inspiration.

Inspiration is such a powerful force that it alone can drive you to do more than you ever imagined. Many of the most successful people in the world will tell you the catalyst of their success was something significant that happened in their lives that inspired them to take action.

Inspiration is always positive, even if it comes out of what seems to be a tragic situation. How many times have you heard someone’s story that seemed devastating, but yet somewhere in that story, you found inspiration to do something incredible.