My Happy Place

Everyone has that one special place. Mine is at the beach.. Although I thought it did at one time, it really doesn’t matter what beach it is. For me, there is something about seeing the power of the ocean and the sheer expanse of water and sand and realizing that He controls it all.

Recently, I was able to take a few days in Nags Head, and took advantage of getting up at the crack of dawn, getting dressed and walking down the beach when almost no one was on it.

Early is not for everyone, but I cannot explain how it feels to walk towards the beach with just a sliver of light showing, and literally watching the dawn of a new day. It’s definitely my favorite place to gather my thoughts and do a reset on my brain.

The Blame Game

It’s so easy to play The Blame Game….

One day last week, my daughter, Lauren, had to be at school early so I was looking forward to getting back home and start my workday early — I had my day planned out to a T. I got her dropped off at school and started thinking through everything that would happen at each hour of the day. Then it happened —my cell phone started ringing half way home.

It was Lauren calling from school. In her rush to get ready early, she had forgotten something vital to her day. Oh, and she absolutely had to have it as quickly as possible. UGH!

A Circuitous Path! A Personal Tribute To Jay Conrad Levinson

A Circuitous Path

Life often has its twist and turns. In fact it seems that life continuously meanders this way and that, taking us up and down the peaks and valleys of our journey over our time on this planet.

Some people call it fate; others may see it as coincidence. I believe there are incidences that take place in our lives that prove that there is a reason for everything that happens to us — call it a Divine Plan.

When you look at how it tends to seem that what takes place in one moment prepares us and often leads us to the next, it makes more sense to me that chance or luck has very little to do with it.

One specific and confirming Life’s Moment happened for me about a year ago. I was having dinner with my very good friend Jay Conrad Levinson, father of Guerilla Marketing.

Who Encourages The Encourager?

In the past month, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at two events. The first was a Marriage Retreat and the second an Internet Marketing Conference.

The topic I spoke about at both events was more or less based around success.

At the Marriage Retreat, I used the LIVE LIFE principles to show why my wife, Chris, and I have an incredible 25-year marriage and how the same principles can affect anyone’s marriage.

At the Internet Marketing Conference I used the same LIVE LIFE principles to discuss how you can overcome any obstacle, move forward and enjoy tremendous success by building a business that satisfies the needs of others.

What did these two events have in common?

That’s The Way It’s Always Been Done

The best way to do things is not the way you’ve always done them.

In fact, continuing to do things the same old way can hold you back from moving forward.

People are naturally curious. We are built to be innovators.

We should challenge the status quo often, not for the sake of challenge, but in order to be sure that we are doing things the best and most productive way possible.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for a proper system and process, but only when it’s effective and efficient.

In consulting, one of the very first things I do when evaluating a business’s operations is I break down their systems and processes.

Whatever It Takes?

Stick To It - Words on Yellow Sticky NotesI’d give anything to succeed!

I’d do anything to win!

I’ll succeed or die trying!

I’ll do whatever it takes!

I’ll give 110%!

We’ve all heard people say things like that. In fact, you’ve probably said them from time to time; I know I have.

The fact is, most people won’t give more than 50%, would rather LIVE than succeed and won’t do or give much effort at all to obtain their goals. Yet, they will still wonder why they aren’t moving forward and why the “the world is passing them by”.

Have Faith And Move Forward!

Faith-KeyIt’s not enough just to know what you want out of LIFE, you also have to have a certain amount of belief in what you want, as well.

Faith, whether religious or not, has a huge impact on your ability to succeed. What you believe will many times dictate what you do.

Henry Ford said it this way, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

Limiting beliefs are always detrimental to success. When you believe you can’t do something, shouldn’t do something, don’t deserve to do something or believe that it won’t matter if you do a certain thing or not, it will kill your confidence, which will kill your momentum and your ability to finish along with it.

A Burning Desire

Burning-DesireHow bad do you want it?

How much do you need it?

Can you imagine living your life without it?

What is it? It doesn’t really matter what IT is if IT is not big enough to keep you interested.

What I’m talking about is finding Your TRUE Desire!

Finding your burning desire is imperative in life. More often than not, people confuse desire with simply wanting something. There are wants, and then there are desires.

Do You Have What It Takes?

way to successIt seems like most people get stuck before they ever get going.

I get asked a lot of questions about how to move forward.

People ask, “Where do I start?” “What do I need to do first?” “How do I get moving?”

My response is simple; “slow down and start by asking yourself these three basic questions.”

Win The Day!

Hiker stands in the Khumbu Icefield at the basecamp of Mt Everest, Nepal.How do you climb Mount Everst? One step at a time.

How do you navigate dangerous paths? One obstacle at a time.

How do you win the game of LIFE? One day at a time.

Too many times it seems people want to succeed all at once.

They tend to forget success is not something that just happens — it’s something that is achieved.

No championship team wins its title during the first game, no business owner retires wealthy on the day he opens his business, and no one lives an entire life in one day. It’s a process, and it has to be dealt with as such.