Happy Monday!

Are Mondays hard for you?

Do you find it tough to get going after the weekend?

It shocks me to see the number of people who hate Mondays. It’s a day many would like to skip, but then that would just leave Tuesday feeling like a Monday.

I, for one, love Mondays. Monday is the day that starts the week off. Why in the world would you want to start the week off on the wrong foot?

You have a choice, you can either look at Monday as the beginning of something great to come or see it as a regretful way to kick off just another week.

How do you make Mondays great?

Finish Friday – Too many times we rush Friday afternoon’s finish to speed up the arrival of the weekend. Admit it, you have caved in at times to the temptation to check out early on Fridays.

End the week strong. Push hard to make sure that items from one week don’t carry over through the weekend. Having unfinished tasks on Friday can make you think about them all weekend, keeping you from relaxing, rebuilding and recharging. Knowing that you have unfinished tasks waiting will also give you a reason to dread Monday.

Finish Fridays and make sure that your weekend is not used to stress over what’s not done and Mondays are to start a new week — not just to pick up where you left off.

Change Your View – Too many times you look at the upcoming Monday as a dread. Often, you spend time on Sunday hating the fact that the next day is the start of a new work week.

Instead of dreading it, what if you changed the way you looked at Mondays? What if you started looking forward to Mondays instead of wishing they would just stay away?

Most of the time, the day will be exactly as we wish it to be. If you go into Monday thinking that it will suck, then guess what, IT WILL! You are doomed before the morning sun ever rises.

If you’d just change your thought process and look at Mondays a little differently, you will see a different result.

Here’s an idea, realize that Mondays are the first chance that you have to do something incredible this week. It’s the opportunity to put the past behind you and do things differently. It’s a brand new week, make it a brand new opportunity.

Use Sunday to get excited about Monday. Wake up on Monday morning bound and determined to make it a great day, and if circumstances make it

start out bad,  be more determined to make it a great day.

Set A Goal – Mondays start the week. That means that you have a solid week to accomplish any goal that you set on Monday.

Use Monday morning to set at least one goal that you want to accomplish each week.

This could be a personal or business goal. It could be a big goal or a small one. Maybe you want to lose a couple of pounds by the weekend, or you just want to walk everyday. Maybe there’s a room in your house that you’ve been meaning to clean out but haven’t gotten to yet.

Don’t use Monday just to start a new week, use it to set in place a plan to accomplish a specific task. Giving yourself a reason to look forward to Mondays certainly will kick the week off right.

You will be amazed what you can do in a week when you start it off on the right foot. Start with one goal and over time you will find that you will begin to set larger goals or accomplish more tasks than you ever have.

The bottom line is Mondays are only as bad as we allow them to be. Determine to make them great. Finish Friday on Friday and don’t let the previous week’s unfinished business ruin Monday before it ever comes. Stop dreading Monday and start looking forward to a brand new week and use Monday as the day to set at least one goal that you can accomplish in the week.

As Monday goes, so does the rest of the week. A happy Monday is a good start to a great week. Make Monday incredible and LIVE LIFE!