Make It Look Easy!

Having a vision means to see more than what actually exists. It’s the visualization of a future result — something that hasn’t happened yet, but you can see in your mind.

We often hear people talk about visualizing success. Athletes are known to rely on visualization to help them get an edge for the game at hand. They literally create scenes in their minds depicting themselves competing and accomplishing their goals.

Football players see themselves making tackles or securing the game winning catch in the end zone. Basketball players dream about making the final shot as time runs out on the game clock. Runners see themselves crossing the finish line with their arms raised high in the air.

After making one of the most mind-blowing catches in NFL history, receiver Chris Carter was asked how he made the catch look so effortless.  He replied “It was easy, because I’ve made that catch 1,000 times. This is just the first time anyone else has seen it.”

Having the ability to create a vision for your success creates the sense of familiarity. In reality, it may be the first time you’ve ever been in a particular position, but if you have visualized it enough times in your mind, it will feel as if you have been there 1,000 times.

Know what you want to accomplish, create a vision that allows you to watch yourself succeed over and over, make your dream a reality and LIVE LIFE!

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