Where There’s a Vision There’s a Way

“If you can conceive it; you can achieve it.”

We have all heard that quote before; maybe so many times that it has lost its sting of truth.

But the truth is that it is still very pertinent in today’s world.

Successful people are visionaries. They dream way before they leap. They conger ideas and visions in their minds, they look at them from all angles, and then they build a plan to make those dreams a reality.

When you hear the phrase “visualize your success”, what do you think? Do you immediately dismiss the idea as being silly?

Well, you need to embrace it. That phrase should immediately bring to mind a scene of you doing what is really important to you.

When you allow yourself to build a vision and focus on that image, it becomes easier to see the path that you have to go down to make those dreams your reality.

So, how do you build your vision?

1 – Dream Big

When you dream, dream as big as you can. Don’t just see yourself doing something; see yourself doing it better than anyone else ever has.

In that vision, don’t see yourself finishing the race but rather see yourself actually winning it.

2 – Dream Specific

When building your vision, add in as much detail as you can. Visualize everything that is going on. Pay attention to the five senses. What are you seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling?

By making your vision as specific as possible, your vision will feel more real.

3 – Dream Often

People say that if you tell yourself something enough times it becomes true. I call it Redundant Thinking. The idea is the more you think about your vision, the more likely you are to actually do what you need to do to make it a reality.

Take a few moments to relive your vision at least once a day. Make your vision the last thing you think about before going to sleep at night. Keep the thought fresh in your head and visit it often.

4 – Dream Progressively

Your vision should always grow.  Each and every time you visit the vision, allow it to grow. Add scenarios that will take you further down the rabbit hole that you are creating.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “…and now, the rest of the story.”

This vision is yours, tell it to yourself as a story and continually add content so that it always grows and refines itself as you go.

5 – Dream Freely

When you start building your vision, allow your imagination to run wild. Don’t stifle the mind’s ability to create. Believe me, it doesn’t matter if you think you are creative or not, when you close your eyes and let your mind go free, focused on a concept, your brain will take over and build what it wants.

As a child, adolescent or young adult, you were probably told to stop dreaming. I was told this too and so were most others. The truth is you should never stop dreaming.

Find what’s important to you, allow yourself to dream about it, build your vision then make it your reality.